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Shaanxi Jewel Industry Co., Ltd.

Shaanxi Jewel Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in June 2009. The main business scope includes investment management, project investment, commerce & venture investment and investment consulting, enterprise marketing planning and technology development etc.

The company focuses on Chinese enterprise growth and development of china capital market. It conducts intensive study to economy, finance and policy in China and has insightful views. The company is a comprehensive equity investment management institution full of social responsibility. Since its establishment, the company has invested and taken equity stakes in many projects and companies.

The company advocates taking value maximization as guide, pursuit of excellence as process, forming the team value of unity, study, innovation and fighting as well as the individual value of honesty, trust, enterprising spirit and success. It makes professionally building golden service as core competitiveness of the company, always carries out the management idea that wining sincere trust of customers by honesty, meeting demands of customers by being professional, ensuring long-term benefit of customers by steadiness, and accompanying customers to move towards brilliance by innovation.

In the process of development, the company optimizes human resources and perfects management function constantly. Currently, it has strong ability in capital operation and risk control. According to service aim, business scope and need of development strategy, the company will further optimize current resources allocation, take in more professionals with high quality, and improve professional skill and management level of company business and management teams, so that to realize strategic development target in the next 3 to 5 years.

Facing the future, Shaanxi Jewel Industry Co., Ltd. will run the business by a newer image, thought and concepts on every side, adhere to taking integrity as the fundamental for enterprise development, advance with the times, fight hard, and constantly improve the enterprise in the competition. Relying on strong technical support, by virtue of first-rate management team, abiding by the spirit of integrity and dedication, Shaanxi Jewel Industry Co., Ltd. will be dedicated to investment service of Shaanxi Province with high-quality products and ardent service. 

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